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Privacy Statement

We not only value your privacy, but our own as well.

InternAlysis will never sell, give, lend, show or telepathically send any of your contact information to any outside agency without seeking your express, written permission beforehand.

We also value our own privacy, as well. With this in mind, InternAlysis aggressively pursues spammers. All received Spam / UCE is reported to not only your ISP, but your ISP's upstream provider, as well.

We do not knowingly deal with spammers, either. If we find any of our clients to be engaging in unsolicited commercial email, we will inform them of why this is not only wrong, but illegal in many states/provinces/countries and ask them to cease and desist. Should any of our clients fail to stop spamming, we will fulfill any outstanding contract obligations and cease to provide services to said client.
We're serious about this: If you're a spammer, or thinking of spamming, we don't want your business. As a matter of fact, we don't want you in business (or the business of spamming). We will take advantage of all legal methods to accomplish this, as well.

Given the nature of a lot of our consulting and analytical business, we also understand the value of non-disclosure agreements. Should you require one to be signed before discussions begin, we're pleased to sign.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, please Contact Us

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